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COVID-19: Ooni of Ife finds cure for coronavirus

Finally,Ooni of Ife finds cure for coronavirus claim in a video shared on his social media page, where he detailed how several natural herbs like onions, African pepper and neem tree among others can be used to treat COVID-19.

The ooni added that the herbs can achieve the desired result when used individually or mixed together to produce an incense.

Speaking on the use of onions, the ooni said: “When sliced and placed at angles of the room, they kill negative energy and fight virus in the house. Also, when sliced and placed under the feet with the help of socks, they neutralise all forms of virus from the body and also strengthen the immune system.”

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Buttressing his point, the traditional ruler said such herbs have been used in the past to cure chronic ailments including those related to COVID-19.

“Truly, the world will never remain the same again! To solve this ailment is through natural elements put together above all from nature. It has been tested! I have used it and also used it for some of the chronic Corona patients with testimonials,” he wrote.

The ooni also recalled that the outbreak of the pandemic was predicted in June last year.

“Coronavirus Solution. A divine proclamation came out to the world last year June 6th 2019, during the World Ifa Festival – Otura Meji. We foretold about the impending rage of this invisible pandemic war, but few heard us,” he said.

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“Please don not take this granted (The world did with the warning Last Year June). I also challenge researchers both in Nigeria and the world to make these natural herbs into clinical medicine and extract the vaccines from it.

“I am ready to work with them and provide huge access to the herbs. It is real and it works. I have a lot gathered together for the use of mankind.

“I’m also currently working with Yem Kem International (Alternative Medicine Expert) pharmaceutical company for the packaging and distribution of these globally. It is about time to save the world now. Tomorrow may be too late. Let’s all keep safe.”

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His comment comes on the heels of ongoing efforts to find a vaccine for the ravaging disease. Nigeria presently has 131 confirmed cases of the virus with global toll hitting 36,000.