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WhatsApp Latest Update Allows Multi-Device Feature, More Participants Video Calling

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Now WhatsApp Latest Update Allows Multi-Device Feature, More Participants Video Calling.

According to the latest report, the instant messaging platform Android beta update for WhatsApp includes new data which shows that the company is working on support for simultaneous logins across different devices.

whatsapp multi-device feature

WhatsApp Latest Update Allows Multi-Device Feature, More Participants Video Calling

The Android beta now includes the main registration screen which will appear when users try to log in to the same account on another device once the feature is launched.

This registration screen advises the user to connect to a Wi-Fi connection, although it is currently unclear whether this warning is displayed due to the need for a large file download to use the same account on a different device.

“Without Wi-Fi, logging in may be slow, and may use a large amount of your data plan,” the warning screen states.

So if you have more than one device, you will be able to use your WhatsApp on those devices once the feature is rolled out.

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Once the multi-device feature becomes available, users will reportedly be able to receive incoming messages across all of the devices they are logged in to, and all actions (such as archiving chats, deleting messages, etc.) will be synced across devices.

WhatsApp Latest Update

Yesterday, 28th April, WhatsApp launched a large update for its video call feature, allowing up to 8 participants to engage in a call at once.

This is a twofold increase compared to the previous limit of four participants in a video call. Initially, it was rolled out to beta testers, and now, it is available to all WhatsApp globally.

To access the new, higher participant limit on WhatsApp calls, all participants in a call need to update to the latest version of WhatsApp available on iOS or Android, said the company.

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Let us know if the feature is live on your WhatsApp messaging app.

Source: Via – YomiProf


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