Truck Accident Lawyers To Call In Dallas, TX & Fort Worth

Truck Accident Lawyers To Call In Dallas, TX & Fort Worth

Truck Accident Lawyers To Call In Dallas, TX & Fort Worth

Truck Accident Lawyers To Call In Dallas: A lot of times, we can’t control an impending accident or even stop time for these things to not happen.

So, given that, Dallas-Fort Worth is a major north-south and east-west crossroads for 18-wheeler and tractor-trailer traffic. The effects of any miscalculation on the part of a truck driver are greatly magnified because of the sheer weight and volume of the loaded vehicle. They are prone to falling apart or causing damage to others.


Frenkel & Frenkel’s truck accident attorneys handle cases involving wrecks caused by local and out-of-town truckers, including those coming from Mexico.

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Our Dallas truck wreck lawyers, with a network of attorneys serves as advocates on behalf of the injured victims to get justice. They also work to uncover the true causes of a wreck, get a clear picture of the nature of the injuries and present a case for full and fair compensation.

These are the key facts discover during investigation by our truck accident attorneys:

– A trucking company neglecting to provide drivers with safety training.

– A truck driver using a cell phone at the time of a wreck.

– A driver on the road for more hours than is legally allowed in an attempt to meet delivery schedules.

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– A trucker speeding or changing lanes without signaling.

– A truck driver failing to adjust speed to account for potentially hazardous road conditions such as rain or construction.

– A truck driver under the influence of legal or illegal drugs at the time of the accident.

– Drivers from the U.S., Mexico or Canada who are under qualified.

– Trucks not properly inspected.

18-wheeler and tractor-trailer accidents require specialized knowledge in Federal and State laws that the driver and company must abide by.

Frenkel & Frenkel has decades of experience handling these cases and work with some of the best accident reconstructionist to thoroughly investigate the cause of the crash and who was responsible. So, if you’re still wondering who to call, you have a name now.

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