Top 10 Illegal Side Hustles You Must Know 2020

Top 10 Illegal Side Hustles You Must Know

No matter how legit hustles are out there we still have some top 10 illegal side hustles you need to know.

We have a lot of illegal side hustles job either internet fraud, selling a cracked version of the software, or hacking people’s website, it’s a crime that could get you in jail.

Top 10 Illegal Side Hustles You

Top 10 Illegal Side Hustles You Must Know

1. Hacking

Hacking as different ways people are into it, isn’t anything like it is in the movies, but it certainly is a widespread hustle.

Hacking takes many different forms. The more common illegal ones will be cropping up elsewhere in our list.

Individuals will hack into little sites or even huge servers with the objective of some kind of payment for return.

Programmers are extremely shrewd.

You will probably never know a programmer legitimately.

There could be programmers that live by you and you don’t have any acquaintance with it!

2. Spamming and Spam Bots

Individuals have been making spam and spam-related malware for a considerable length of time.

No doubt, my email inbox feels the agony of this.

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Unfortunately, various individuals around the globe fall for spam and get exploited.

This is anything but a decent result.

Individuals are out there making cash off this. Do what you can to forestall spam.

3.Drug Selling

Here is another illegal side hustles selling of illegal drugs is allowed in some countries but against the law in some others.

If you live in a country where selling drugs is allowed publicly, you’re at an advantage.

Should your location have a strong law against the drug, consider changing the location. If you get caught, it’s often deadly.

4. Scam and Fraud

Well linking to spam, but not necessarily always, are acts of scam and fraud. Let’s give each their own consideration .

5. E-book scam

E-book scams have different ways. You can either go with the option of creating generated content or fake write-ups and pile it up into a book and put it up on some e-book web pages like Amazon.

Use positive reviews from people in other sites to convince your prospective buyers that it is a very good book.

You can also go with the option of stealing a book you see anywhere and selling in the form of an e-book.


It is ever possible to copy direct content and write-ups from a book and create it in the form of an e-book without you having the copyright.

The selling of plagiarized e-books is illegal and thereby punishable under the law. For you to make waves in this, you must be very smart so as not to get caught. source

6. Stealing

Stealing is also another factors of illegal hustle we have , is probably one of the oldest ways to make money illegally.

7. Bank Fraud

This is the use of illegal means to get money from depositors while disguising as bank staff. It is a criminal offense and is punishable under the law If caught.

Examples of bank fraud include:

  • Collecting people’s bank details e.g. BVN and using it to withdraw money or pay money online. This is done by means of phishing.
  • Collecting loans from the bank with the knowledge that he would become bankrupt.

  • Forging a check or signature by replacing the name or other details to make more money.
  • Pretending to be bank staff or institution by collecting deposits from people.

There are other tactical ways of doing bank fraud, but you have to perfect the art and become good at it.

Either way, it is one of the illegal side hustles that pays really well.

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8. Credit Card Theft

Here is Another means of illegal side hustles is credit card theft. A lot of persons often misplace or careless about their credit cards.

This can become your chance to make money with ease.

The problem here is that you may not know the victim’s password.

However, there are ways that you can remove the money without a need for the password.

9. Pocket Picking

Pocket picking is common in most country .

This method demands that you meet with the street lords and talk things out with them.

It is necessary to meet with street lords because the ground may be dangerous. Imagine that you pick the pocket of a gang man,

what do you think will happen? Man, hell might be unleashed on you if you’re caught.

For instance, when you successfully pick from an unsuspecting fellow, he’ll scream for help but no moves will be made.

10. Credit Card Skimming

Card Scam is also common to hackers that makes uses of their clients credit card to purchase things online.

we think it’s a good idea to let our wait staff take our credit (or debit) cards out of our sight when we pay the bill.

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