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Tony Robinson Is Open To Making A ‘Blackadder’ Reboot



The 74-year-old actor starred alongside Rowan Atkinson in the iconic BBC sitcom, and he’s suggested he’s open to the prospect of reprising the role of Baldrick for a reboot.

He said: “I think it ought to be possible to come up with something.

“Rowan always said to me that if there was to be another ‘Blackadder’ it shouldn’t necessarily be a television series, we should find another guise for it.

“It was absolutely wonderful being part of ‘Blackadder’; the pilot script was ghastly but I knew if I could work with that group of people, I would have something to contribute. It worked beyond my wildest dreams.

“Although I wasn’t able to offer the sharp intellect of Stephen Fry or Ben Elton, I was 10 years older than them and had an enormous amount of experience I could bring to the table.”

After ‘Blackadder’, Tony created the children’s TV series ‘Maid Marian and Her Merry Men’.

And the actor is again open to the possibility of creating a reboot of the show.

He told “I’m in the early stages of talks about rebooting the series, creating another Marian for our time. Hopefully in another couple of years that dream will come true, but it won’t be the same show – it will need to be as different as ‘Fleabag’ is to ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’.”

The children’s show is being given a second run via BritBox, and Tony admits that its return represents a “dream come true”.

He said: “Now all those kids who were so loyal to it first time round are mums and dads. In the last few years there’s been a strong demand to bring it back, so that their kids can see it. It’s a dream come true for me.”

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