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Ricky Gervais Has Revealed That He Hopes His Body Is Eaten By Lions At London Zoo When He Dies



The 59-year-old comedian revealed that he wants his body to be devoured by the animals at London Zoo so he can “give something back” to nature.

Ricky said: “It would be good to be fed to lions at London Zoo. It would be good to give something back. We eat animals and destroy habits and at least then I could give something back.”

The ‘After Life’ star admits that the thought of visitors witnessing his corpse being eaten makes him chuckle.

Ricky joked: “It would be amusing to see the faces of tourists when this fat, naked dead body is thrown out and as it lands some people go ‘is that the bloke fromThe star confessed that he “doesn’t care” how he passes away but hopes to avoid an “embarrassing” death.

He told US chat show ‘Conan’: “I’m resigned to it. We’re all going to die. I don’t care about being dead because I won’t know about it.

“I don’t want to die alone or in agony and I don’t want to die an embarrassing death.”

Ricky plays the role of Tony Johnson in ‘After Life’ as he struggles following the death of his wife. He feels that comics enjoy tackling the “last taboo” of death in their material.

The ‘Office’ star shared: “Comedians are drawn to death as it is the last taboo and makes people feel uncomfortable. I like taking people to the dark side, it’s like taking them through a scary forest. No harm can come from going through taboo subjects.” ‘The Office’.”

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