Redmi Note 7 Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features

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You will be able to know Redmi Note 7 Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features. As we all know, it’s not the hardware specs alone that define a phone. The software also plays an important role in making it a complete experience. Here is Redmi Note 7 Tips and Tricks

Redmi Note 7 Features

Redmi Note 7 Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features

Redmi Note 7 Tips and Tricks and Hidden Feature

1. Play with the Navigation bar

Redmi Note 7 Tips , Now that you have a navigation bar, thanks to the full view display, it can be given a quick makeover. For starters, you can choose to hide the navigation bar or swap the buttons. These settings can be found under Settings > Additional Settings > Buttons and gesture shortcuts.

But, if you’d like to go a notch above, there are a few third-party apps on the Play Store that overhauls the look of this colorless set of buttons. The first on our list is Navbar Apps. This cool app lets you paint the navigation bar in beautiful colors. What’s more? You can also stick some crazy images to the nav bar. Interesting, right?

2. Easily Navigate with Quick ball

the Redmi Note 7 comes with a Quick Ball menu, which lets you have a few of the handy shortcuts at your disposal. You can place it anywhere — on the screen’s edge or any other position.

All you need to do is go to Settings > Additional Settings and toggle the switch on. What makes this nifty menu even better is that you can also customize some of the buttons.

3. Do more with the Gallery

Your new phone comes with a built-in collage maker, which means that you can kick out all the third-party collage maker apps. This feature will let you choose the layout option and it offers quite a number of cool grid options.

Redmi Note 7 Tips; To open it, go to the gallery app, tap the three-dot menu and select Collage.

Moving on, the inclusion of MIUI 10 in the Redmi Note 7 means that you get the Erase option in the image-editing tool. So, the next time you’re in need of Photoshop-level skills to remove unwanted objects from pictures, you know which buttons to press.

All you have to do is hit the Edit option, select Erase and tap on the area where you’d like the objects to be removed.

4. Do more with gestures

From capturing screenshots to powering the phone off in style — the Redmi Note 7lets you do all that with just a few swishes of your fingers.

To enable these options, navigate over to Redmi Note 7 and gesture shortcuts and choose the option of your choice.

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5. Enable the intelligent sleep mode

Yes, your phone is intelligent and that’s why it has been given the tag of a smartphone. However, the MIUI 9 on the Redmi  Note 7makes it a little bit smarter. For one, it comes with the new Intelligent Sleep Mode. This cool feature uses machine learning to predict your sleep routine and disables radios and switches such as NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi accordingly. Why? To save power, of course.

This setting can be found under Battery > Manage app’s Battery usage > Scenarios. 

6. One-handed mode

With the displays of phones expanding, it gets uncomfortable to reach the ends of the phone with a single hand. To tackle this, MiUI comes with a one-handed mode which can be activated from the Settings -> Additional Settings -> One Hand Mode. One more interesting thing to note is that MiUI allows you to select between different display sized including 4.5-inches,4.0-inches and 3.5-inches.

7. Activate face unlock 

If you bought the Redmi Note 7in the first batch, the Face Unlock update would have greeted you as you unboxed.

To activate Face Unlock in Redmi Note 5 Pro, go to Settings>>Lock Screen and Passwords>> Add Face Data.

 8. Turn on reading mode and change text size

From under display settings, you can also increase the font size and turn on reading mode. This should again help reduce stress on your eyes, especially while reading in imperfect lighting. We’d recommend that you use these settings liberally.

9. Second Space

As seen in the earlier versions of MiUI, Xiaomi provides an option to create a second space to accommodate sensitive data or to share the device between two lifestyles(work & personal). The two spaces can be created with different passcodes and different fingerprint impressions so that they can be used by multiple users also.

10. Using Data from the Second sim while taking a call on the first

A lot of us faced this situation in which, while taking a call using a VoLTE enabled sim, the data connection of that network gets unstable. In order to tackle this situation, Redmi has included a new setting to switch the data connection to the second sim while on a call from the first sim. You just need to toggle the feature on from the sim card and mobile network settings.

11. Customize Quick Settings

The Quick Settings panel in Redmi Note 7 packs plenty of toggles — too many in fact that it might be overwhelming for most users. Depending on your preference though, you can either remove or add more toggles to the Redmi Note 7’s Quick Settings panel as it is customizable in nature.

Simply expand the Quick Settings panel and select the edit option to go ahead and re-order the tiles as you like.

12. Display Color and Temperature

Xiaomi has also added the option to change your display settings between Default, Cool and warm options. You can even play with the colours by choosing the hue of your choice for the phone’s display. These can be found under the Contrast and Color settings of the Display settings

13. Display RAM Use

With up to 6GB of RAM, the Redmi Note 7 packs enough grunt to run heavy apps and games without any issues. If you are a power user who likes to keep a tab on the RAM use of their device, you might want to ensure that MIUI displays the amount of free RAM in the Recent Apps screen. This can be done from Settings -> Home screen & Recents -> Show memory status option.

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14. Camera Shortcut

I am not really fond of the lock screen camera shortcut on the Redmi Note 6 Pro since it still requires me to pay attention to open it. Thankfully, there’s a better option albeit hidden. You can double press the volume button on the Redmi Note 7 to open the camera app as well.

You can enable it from Settings -> Lock Screen & password and toggle the Launch camera option. Do note that th

15. Three-finger Screenshot Gesture

Want to quickly take a screenshot on your Redmi Note 7? You can always take the old way of pressing and holding the Volume down and Power button simultaneously. Or you can use the more convenient gesture of simply swiping down on the screen with just 3 fingers.

This screenshot gesture has been available in MIUI for a long time but with the Redmi Note 6 Pro, this feature comes enabled right out of the box. In case it is disabled on your device for some reason, you can enable it from Settings -> Additional Settings -> Gesture.

16. Game Speed Booster

If you are a heavy gamer, you should take advantage of the Game Speed Booster option in MIUI 10 on Redmi Note 7. It improves the overall gaming experience by killing unnecessary background processes and apps.

Once enabled, it will clear background cache to free up memory for gaming, improve CPU performance, boost the game connection speed while limiting background download speed to reduce network delay, and also silence notifications, and turn off remove buttons to avoid accidental keypress.

You can find Game Speed Booster in the Security App.

17. App Vault

The leftmost home screen panel on Redmi Note 7 is for App Vault. This is a collection of system apps, third-party apps, and other services, and you can not disable it (without root).

You can edit and rearrange the App vault items to an extent, however. For can shift unusable items to the bottom. For instance,  you can add Quick Pay to ‘shortcuts’ for Paytm payments, add countries to follow cricket scores, and add your work and home address details to conveniently summon Ola Cabs.

18. Expand Notifications

At one point, Xiaomi had completely botched the notification experience in MIUI with its own implementation. Thanks to all the criticism though, the company ended up adopting the default behavior of stock Android notifications in MIUI. This means that you can expand notifications using a one finger swipe down gesture.

19. Use Fingerprint Scanner as Shutter Button

You can use the fingerprint scanner on the Redmi Note 7 as a shutter button while in the camera app. This feature can come in handy while taking photos especially selfies where it can be quite difficult to press the shutter button. Make sure to enable the option from the settings menu of the Camera app.

 20. Quickly Share Wi-Fi Password

Want to quickly get your friends on the same Wi-Fi network as your Redmi Note 7 without sharing the password? If they happen to have a Xiaomi phone with MIUI, you to instantly share it with them

Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi, tap on the name of the Wi-Fi network your Redmi Note 7 is connected to and a dialog box will pop-up with a QR code. Ask your friends to open their camera app and scan the QR code. Their device should then automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

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21. WiFi Passthrough

Xiaomi has brought up another cool feature with the new Redmi Note 7. It often happens that due to device number limitations, we cannot connect multiple devices to a WiFi router. With this new feature called WiFi passthrough, after connecting to a WiFI network Redmi Note 7 allows you to access data on your laptop or tablet by transferring the data through itself without the need for the other devices to be connected to the router.

 22. Dual Apps

This is one more feature which allows you to toggle between different lifestyles. You can create dual apps for social networking apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger etc. This feature can be found in the Settings under Dual Apps Section.

23. Hide the Notch

Not a fan of the notch on the Redmi Note 7? Thankfully, you can hide it. While the display is not AMOLED, turning off the notch does work pretty well as it fades away from one’s peripheral vision. To turn off the notch on the Poco F1, head over to Settings -> Full screen display and enable the Hide Screen Notch option.

24. App Lock

MIUI 10 on the Redmi Note 7 comes with a baked in option to lock and protect apps using the fingerprint scanner. Given the amount of private data that one keeps in their device, one would definitely like to keep a few apps protected from prying apps.

You can find the App Lock feature in Redmi Note 7 under Settings -> App Lock.

25. Flip to Silence Incoming Calls

Want to quickly silence incoming calls on your Redmi Note 7? Then simply put the phone face down on a table. Or if it is already on a table, simply flip it face down. Just make sure to enable this feature from  Settings -> System Apps -> Call settings -> Incoming call settings and toggle the Flip to silence ringer option from here.

26. Wake with Volume Buttons

Don’t want to rely on the power button to wake up your Redmi Note 7? You can also use the volume buttons to wake the device up from sleep.

Enable this option from Settings -> Lock screen & password and enable the Wake with volume buttons option.

27. Double tap to wake screen

This feature is very useful in cases when you just want to take a look at the notifications without actually unlocking the phone. You can find the option under the display settings and you just have to toggle the Double tap screen to wake option on.

28. Lock Screen shortcuts

Xiaomi has included quick shortcuts on the lock screen for Mi Home, Mi Remote and Torch. These can be accessed by swiping to the left of the lock screen. This makes sense as these features do not pose any threat to the security of the phone and can be accessed by anyone.

29. Disable the LED Notification Light

The Redmi Note 6 Pro comes with a LED notification light located inside the notch at the top. The single color (white) LED is pretty bleak and hardly visible from a distance or in a room with plenty of light. If like me, you are not a fond of the LED notification light, you can disable it from Settings -> Additional Settings -> Notification Light.

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