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Racksterly 2020; Reasons Why You Should Not Join 2020.

Racksterly; Reasons Why You Should Not Join.
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Racksterly; Reasons Why You Should Not Join.
How To join and make money on Racksterly.
Racksterly Income Program Review, Scam or Legit? 2020

Racksterly is now one of the making money websites in Nigeria, alot of people have joined this site without reading more about it before they join . Most people will say first come first serve, What about people joining late? whats there gain , i will be talking more about the site below.

What is Racksterly;

Racksterly income program is another way to make money online either from your work, home or office once you have an internet connection to access the internet.

Well , Making money with racksterly is cool not hard stuff, but something that requires more strategies and dedication together with the zeal to succeed in making your money, registered members are paid for sharing content otherwise called adverts on Facebook and for referring new members to the site.

How To join and make money on Racksterly.

  • Dew–> 1-month sub with $18(transactions are done with dollars) you earn $1.2 per share/per day till ur sub ends
  • Drizzle–> 1-month sub with $25 you earn $1.2 per day/per post
  • Already mentioned above Storm $ 45sub $3.5 per day/per post
  • Typhoon—> $75 and u earn $5.6 per day/per post
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Rackstarly currently has 4 packages on the rackterly platform with the smallest costing $18, second package cost $25, third cost $45 while the fourth cost $75.

Let’s assume you joined racksterly with the least package of $18, you will get paid 6.7% of the principle amount ($18) for 3o days, that is $1.2 every day.

At the end of a month you earn $36 and that’s double of your principal amount, good business right?

That’s very easy though, but I won’t recommend anyone to try this.

For second package which cost $25, you will get $1.8 daily for sharing post and at the end of the month you will get $45, opps it’s not up to double of the principal amount this time.

The third package cost $45, here you will get $3.5 daily for 30 days and that’s $105 at the end of the month.

The fourth package which cost $75 will pay $5.6 every day, at the end of the month you will get $168.

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This platform is pretty new so I’m pretty sure they don’t have any big advertiser yet.

And sadly I don’t think they will ever get one.

Another way to make money through racksterly is their affiliate program.Well, referral isn’t compulsory, and guess what? They slammed a juicy promo on their referral program so people can refer friends and all that.

if you refer someone that subscribe for their $18 package you will get 9% of $18 which is $1.62

If your referral subscribed for the second package of $25 then you will get 9% of that which is $2.25, for the third package you get $4.05 , what if your referral subscribe for the fourth package ? then you get $6.75 for your referral commission.

Racksterly Income Program Review, Scam or Legit?

Well, i wont say the site is legit or not , since the site paid members some months ago.Writing this post tells us the racksterly site is not yet up to five months and alot of people have joined this platform.

Some says; first come first serve, Only early starters, but once the system becomes saturated, they won’t have money to pay people because the number of advertisers won’t grow more than it is already with a huge difference. Now they are making profit because companies paying to advertise are more than persons signing up. Soon those signing up will be more they won’t be able to cope paying them and that’s where crashing tendency will begin to arise.

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According to yomiprof he say;

We don’t even know if all the said companies are actually paying to advertise and not that they are recycling people’s money and using part to do their personal business. Be wise if you are already into it.

The site have a policy of not allowing cash out until the 30th day which in my own opinion is a little bit odd. Why not allow cash out at least once the money in your wallet is up to investment, that way investors are assured of capital and no doubt they will finish the other part of the job because it is still part of their money.

Lets be careful in joining most platforms, well those whom join early will benefit form it cause first came first serve.


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