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Lorraine Kelly Was Left In Hysterics After Mistaking A Picture Of A Make-Up Artist On The Netflix Series Bridgerton



The presenter was shown a behind-the-scenes photo from the racy period drama on her ITV daytime talk show Lorraine, and she incorrectly identified one of the people in the picture as a “fluffer”.

In the porn industry, a “fluffer” is the name given to a person who is responsible for helping on-screen performers maintain an erection between takes.

“Now that’s got to be one of the best jobs in the world,” said Kelly, when shown the picture during an interview with Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey. “That’s a wee lady who is, I think they call it ‘fluffing’? Is that what they do?”

After her interview was over, she discussed the mistake with Lorraine’s showbiz correspondent Ross King, with Kelly in a fit of laughter.“You know I was talking to the lovely Jonathan from Bridgerton and I said, you know when he was getting his bottom made up, I said, ‘is that a fluffer?’ and I’ve just realised what a fluffer is and it’s not that,” she laughed.

“Well done,” replied King. “I didn’t want to point that one out. It’s close-ish, but it’s definitely something different.”

“My phone is going nuts!” added Kelly, apologising for her mistake.

Viewers took to social media to revel in the blunder, with most people seeing the funny side.

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