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Isla Fisher Shuts Herself In A Closet Twice A Day



The ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ star who has children Olive, 13, Elula, 10, and Montgomery, six, with husband Sasha Baron Cohen squeezes herself into a tiny space away from the rest of her household so she can practise meditation in a bid to keep calm amongst the “craziness” of life.

She said: “I have a closet where I practise my mindfulness meditation. I don’t know if you know how small I am. I’m tiny so I can fit in anywhere.

“Twenty minutes twice a day, if possible. I focus on my surroundings or breathing because it grounds me in the craziness.

“I know I am incredibly fortunate even to be able to afford to be in lockdown. The danger that essential health workers have faced is terrible.”

The 44-year-old actress admitted she found educating her children a struggle when schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She told Times Weekend magazine: “You think essential apocalypse skills would be learning to light a fire or killing an animal to eat.

“But no, it’s getting your head round grade four maths and dealing with various IT problems. All these little breakout rooms on Zoom that you have to get in and out of . . . nightmare.”

And while Isla hoped to use the lockdown period as a time to improve her skills in the kitchen, she’s not quite realised her ambition.

She admitted: “I have friends who’ve used lockdown time to perfect their candle-making, woodwork or to write a great script.

“I had hopes for my baking and cooking, but they’ve come to very little. But yes, being together more has been lovely.”

But what she didn’t enjoy was playing table tennis with her husband.

She said: ““I can get quite competitive, but Sacha has much longer arms than me so he wins at table tennis and that can make me angry.”

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