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How to FLASH/ROOT Huawei Nova 3i

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Here is How to FLASH/ROOT Huawei Nova 3i Stock Firmware,the smartphone hold a torch to the likes of Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design or Huawei P20 Pro.

How to FLASH/ROOT Huawei Nova 3i

Huawei Nova 3i Specs

Huawei Nova 3 Key Specs and Features

  • 6.3-inch, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 2340 x 1080 pixels (409 ppi)
  • Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Octa-core Hisilicon Kirin 970 CPU with 6GB RAM
  • 64GB/128GB built-in storage, up to 256GB with a memory card
  • Dual 16MP + 24MP rear camera and dual 24MP + 2MP front camera
  • 4G LTE
  • Fingerprint sensor (rear)
  • 3, 750mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery
Huawei Nova 3
Huawei Nova 3 Specs and Price

Design and Display

For a mid-range flagship like this one, you have to look the part which is why the Huawei Nova 3 appears quite stunning especially the model with the cascading colours depending on lights hits it.

Enveloped in glass front and back, the smartphone sport a notched screen and a rear that has the dual camera with flash arranged in a single file at the top left side while the fingerprint sensor creates a dent towards the middle.

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Visuals on the smartphone is big and bold with a notch on top, the screen covers most of the surface besides the obvious chin, Premium smartphones have large displays nowadays and the same goes for the Huawei Nova 3 that has a screen towering up to 6.3-inch and quite colourful too.

Despite not being on par with the rich blacks of OLED screen, the resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels delivers a good show.

Battery and Camera

The Huawei Nova 3 is well equipped with a good battery to get you through the day without worrying about where to charge your phone.

Although it all bores down to usage, even a reasonably intensive use will still carry you to the evening before having to plug it in. Now, charging the 3, 750mAh battery has been made easier with 18W fast charging.

Taking pictures with smartphones is a thing most people do on a daily basis, on the Huawei Nova 3 you get to this with not just two cameras like most smartphones or three but with four cameras.

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So there is a dual camera at the back comprising of 16MP and 24MP cameras while the selfie camera is 24MP plus 2MP combination.

Hardware and Software

One of the upsides to having the Nova 3 is the flagship processor it comes with, ensuring that you have a smooth performance on the device.

The Hisilicon Kirin 970 processor is paired with Mali-G72 MP12 GPU both of which have high-grade benchmark results.

To improve performance, the smartphone has 6GB RAM and can either ship with 128GB or 64GB so you have to know which before purchase.

Regardless of your choice, you can still extend the storage space to 256GB if you wish. There is also EMUI 8.2 alongside Android 8.1 Oreo on the smartphone.

Download Huawei Nova 3i Stock Firmware

How To FLASH Huawei Nova 3i

Do not use this firmware on any other Huawei devices. this stock Firmware fit only for your Huawei Nova 3i device.

The ROM file on this page is the official ROM file published by the company:

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Build NumberRelease DateAndroid OSDownload
INE-LX2C432E2R1P1B164-SP53 ( INE-L22C432E2R1P1B164-SP53 (
2019.05.17Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX1C10E3R1P1B164-SP52 ( INE-L21C10E3R1P1B164-SP52 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX1rC185E1R1P2B170-SP53 (
2019.05.10Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA
INE-LX1rC185E1R1P2B170-SP53 ( INE-L21rrC185E1R1P2B170-SP53 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C706E2R1P2B170-SP54 (
INE-L02C706E2R1P2B170-SP54 (
2019.05.13Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2rC636E2R1P1B170-SP52 ( INE-L22rrC636E2R1P1B170-SP52 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C636E3R1P1B170-SP51 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA
INE-LX2C636E3R1P1B170-SP51 ( INE-L22C636E3R1P1B170-SP51 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C636E3R1P1B165-SP51 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA
INE-LX2C432E2R1P1B162-SP54 ( INE-L22C432E2R1P1B162-SP54 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C675E2R1P1B162-SP53 ( INE-L22C675E2R1P1B162-SP53 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C34CUSTC34D1B130 ( INE-L02C34CUSTC34D1B130 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C34E2R1P2B162-SP52 ( INE-L02C34E2R1P2B162-SP52 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2rC636E2R1P1B156-SP53 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA
INE-LX2rC636E2R1P1B156-SP53 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA
INE-LX2C706CUSTC706D1B131 (
INE-L02C706CUSTC706D1B131 (
2019.03.16Android 8.1 Oreo FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C706E2R1P2B162-SP52 (
INE-L02C706E2R1P2B162-SP52 (
2019.03.16Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
Sydney-L02C706E2R1P2B162-SP52 (
2019.03.16Android 9.0 Pie OTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B136 (
INE-L22C636CUSTC636D1B136 (
2019.02.17Android 8.1 Oreo FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C636E2R1P1B156-SP52 (
INE-L22C636E2R1P1B156-SP52 (
2019.02.17Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2rC636CUSTC636D1B133 (
INE-L22rrC636CUSTC636D1B133 (
2019.02.15Android 8.1 Oreo FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2rC636E2R1P1B156-SP53 (
INE-L22rrC636E2R1P1B156-SP53 (
2019.02.15Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C706CUSTC706D1B131 (
INE-L02C706CUSTC706D1B131 (
2019.02.11Android 8.1 Oreo FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C706E1R1P2B150-SP52 (
INE-L02C706E1R1P2B150-SP52 (
2019.02.11Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C34E1R1P2B150-SP51 (
INE-L02C34E1R1P2B150-SP51 (
2019.02.06Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C432E1R1P1B150 (
INE-L22C432E1R1P1B150 (
INE-LX1C432E1R1P1T8B150 (
INE-L22C432E1R1P1T8B150 (
2019.02.04Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C432E1R1P1B150-log (
INE-L22C432E1R1P1B150-log (
INE-LX1C432E1R1P1T8B150 (
INE-L22C432E1R1P1T8B150 (
2019.02.04Android 9.0 Pie FullOTA FullOTA
INE-LX2C675CUSTC675D1B111 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B115 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B115 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C675CUSTC675D1B110 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B113 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B113 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-L22C636CUSTC636D1B112 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B131 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B130 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B131 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B130 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-LX2C675CUSTC675D1B111 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C706CUSTC706D1B112 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B115 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-LX2C706CUSTC706D1B112 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C34CUSTC34D1B102 820102INEL02C34CUSTC34D1B102 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C34CUSTC34D1B102 820102INEL02C34CUSTC34D1B102 8.1 OreoFullOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B115 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C675CUSTC675D1B110 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B113 Security PatchOTA
INE-LX2C636CUSTC636D1B113 8.1 OreoFullOTA

How to FLASH/ROOT Huawei Nova 3i

Backup all your important data before flashing the Huawei Nova 3i Stock Firmware because installing firmware will erase all your data:

How to FLASH/ROOT Huawei Nova 3i 1
  • GO to the Backup app on your home screen.
  • Tab on Backup & Choose the location to which you want to back up your data
How to FLASH/ROOT Huawei Nova 3i 2
  • Choose the data you want to backup. depending on your needs (Contacts, Messaging, Call log, images.videos…)
  • Then touch   Back up to begin the backup.
  • set a password, you can Skip if you don’t want to set a password 
  • After this is complete, tab Next to begin the backup.

Restore Huawei Nova 3i

How to FLASH/ROOT Huawei Nova 3i 3
  • Go back to the Backup app, & tab on Restore
  • Choose the source of the data to be restored, and touch Next
How to FLASH/ROOT Huawei Nova 3i 4
  • Enter your password you set up early then touch OK
  • Select the data you want to restored and touch Start restoration.
  • Once you choose to restore your back up data
  • You can choose a location to restore backed up data (Contacts, Messaging, Call log, images.videos…)
  • Finally, tab on OK to finish.

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