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Fully-Funded Scholarships in Europe (No IELTS)

Fully-Funded Scholarships in Europe (No IELTS). You can apply for numerous European scholarships without submitting an exam for language proficiency, such as TOEFL or IELTS. We will provide all the details on these scholarships, including how to apply and the requirements for eligibility.

Fully-Funded Scholarships in Europe (No IELTS)

The scholarships are listed below:

  1. Finland-Aegis European Business and Economic Law Scholarship Program –

Suppose you’re interested in studying European economic and business law at the advanced level. In that case, you may apply for this award, which will cover your tuition in full and provides an annual stipend of around EUR 500 and is granted for four years. Applications are due by May 31. The applicant must be between the ages of 21 and 35 when they apply.

You should be proficient in English, have an undergraduate diploma or equivalent, or have previous experience working in a workplace where your chosen specialization is taught. To be qualified for this scholarship, it is necessary to have a non-EU passport. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition and an average monthly stipend of EUR 700 and is granted for four years.

  • Netherlands Society for Public Health (NSCH) International Academic Program –

Suppose you are a student who wants to pursue a degree in public medical health on an advanced level. In that case, you may apply for the scholarship, which will cover your tuition in full and provides the monthly stipend amounting to EUR 800 and is available to three students over three years. The application deadline is June 1 January 2019. The applicant should be 21 and 35 when they apply. You must have a good command of English and have an undergraduate or equivalent work experience in a professional setting where the subject you are interested in is taught. To be qualified for this scholarship, you should also have a non-E.U. Passport. This scholarship covers all tuition costs and offers a monthly stipend of about EUR 800.

  • IUPAC-

Initiated Study Scholarship for IUPAC Projects initiated by IUPAC, which make use of international collaboration, are invited to submit applications for this study award which covers your cost of tuition and offers a monthly stipend of about EUR 600 and is granted for two years. The application deadline is on June 1. The applicant should be between the ages of 21 and 35 when they apply.

  • The University of Bristol Scholarships For Students Studying MSc –

Applications are currently open for these scholarship programs that pay all tuition costs and provide an average monthly stipend of EUR 800. The scholarships are available for one year. The application deadline is June 1. The applicant must not be younger than 21 when they apply. You should be fluent in English and have an undergraduate or equivalent or previous experience working in a workplace in the field you want to be taught.

  • DAAD Scholarships in Germany

For students studying German and International Studies, These scholarships pay for tuition in full, give a monthly stipend amounting to around EUR 300, and are available for one year. The application deadline is June 1.

  • AUD Foundation For Outstanding Female German Scientists

This award covers all tuition costs and provides the student with a monthly stipend of EUR 500 for one year. The application deadline is June 1.

  • Holland Government Scholarships For Undergraduate –

Apply by April 30 to be eligible for this scholarship. It will cover all tuition costs and gives a monthly stipend of about EUR 17000, awarded for a year.

Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in Europe 2022 – 2023

Top European Government Scholarships

There’s no doubt that studying abroad offers plenty of possibilities and benefits. Add more spice and the governments of many of these nations in Europe offer plenty of financial aid to both E.U. and non-EU students with diverse backgrounds to study within these nations.

In this regard, we have created the following list of scholarships in Europe that are available to citizens from various countries on the continent. We have also discussed how E.U. scholarships are available to those from third-world countries too.

Be aware that there are restrictions on the Government’s funding of E.U. students because it is subject to political considerations, and the amount of funding could differ for different circumstances.

Top European Government Scholarships


This scholarship is awarded through the Belgian Government to students from abroad interested in studying in Belgium. It assists students in their first year of undergraduate classes for those who hold bachelor’s degrees or Master’s, as well as doctoral studies. The Belgian Government grants can amount to up to 20% cost of the course for candidates with the required eligibility requirements and have their applications in by September 1 each year.


The DAAD Scholarship Program offers highly competitive fellowships for researchers in the early stages of their careers, regardless of their area of study or country of origin. If successful, it includes tuition and accommodations as well as health insurance, the cost of language courses, travel costs, and an annual stipend amounting to EUR 2.200 (to be distributed through the German Academic Exchange Service).


SBW Berlin is one of the most prominent universities in Germany and provides scholarships for qualified international students who want to pursue postgraduate studies in Germany. The Scholarships pay all tuition costs for master’s and doctoral holders and will pay for other costs associated with education, such as living costs and medical and health insurance.


The fellowships are provided through the University of Twente to highly skilled international students from developing nations to conduct Research at its schools. The applicants must have an advanced degree from an accredited university by the Dutch Government or similar qualifications from a recognized foreign institution. Additional conditions, such as top scores and English proficiency, must be satisfied before applying for the fellowship.


This is an excellent chance for exceptional Christian youngsters from countries outside the E.U. who wish to further their educational opportunities in Hungary. They provide full-fledged funding for all expenses related to education, including travel, accommodation, and food for their time in Hungary.


The partial scholarships are offered to those who have completed their bachelor’s degree with good marks and English proficiency and are already enrolled in their Master’s degree at the Geneva University of Geneva. Students are eligible for this scholarship even if they’re not Swiss citizens or do not possess Swiss citizenship but can show proof of their residence within Switzerland up to three years before the deadline for application. The cost of tuition is covered in full by the Swiss Government. Swiss Government.


A variety of programs offer scholarships to students from abroad who want to pursue graduate studies in Sweden. Swedish Institute Swedish Institute has two primary programs that offer the funds: the Sida – Lund scholarship program, which grants an amount of financial aid for one year in addition to the Malmoe Bostadstipend program, which grants an annual grant of just one year.


The Victor Manuel Fellman Program provides the opportunity to award scholarships to students studying graduate studies in economics, sociology as well as law and political science, sociology and public administration, as well as history and gender studies, cultural anthropology, and so on.

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Several options are available at Aarhus University Denmark for students from abroad who wish to pursue Master’s degrees in a specific area. These scholarships offer all tuition costs and can also cover travel costs as well as monthly payments.


There are a variety of Gates Cambridge Scholarships, which offer all-inclusive funding to applicants from countries with low incomes who want a Ph.D. in any field within Cambridge University. The eligibility requirements vary for the individual scholarship.

List of Undergraduate Fully Funded Scholarship 2022 – 2023

Top Scholarships in Europe for Africans

  1. Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP):

This scholarship program is designed for highly skilled and exceptional pupils of Sub-Saharan Africa who wish to pursue higher education in the Netherlands. There are no requirements for eligibility, but they have general guidelines that applicants must fulfill. The successful applicants will be awarded money to help cover the cost of living during their training in the Netherlands. They will also be able to access particular services like hostels, counseling services, social events, health insurance, etc. When they have completed their studies, successful applicants are granted the opportunity to reside for one year.

  1. African Excellence Fee Waiver at the University of Glasgow:

The University of Glasgow offers this scheme to exceptional students from Sub-Saharan Africa who are passionate about studying postgraduate degree programs in any subject. This tuition waiver is half the tuition costs, meaning that successful students will need to pay an annual fee of just PS8,800 for their studies. Successful applicants can seek additional funds through teaching fellowships or scholarships, which can provide up to PS16.400 for living expenses.

  1. African Postgraduate Scholarships at Edinburgh Napier University:

The African Postgraduate Scholarships (APS) located at Edinburgh Napier University offers merit-based financial aid to talented and outstanding pupils of Sub-Saharan Africa who wish to pursue postgraduate degrees in any discipline. The recipients receive the opportunity to receive two years’ worth of postgraduate financial aid with the option of either being on campus or taking classes off-campus. Successful applicants also get assistance with their careers and mentorship during their studies and after graduation. It is a scholarship for students of all ages. APS Scholarship is open to applicants from any part of the world who meet specific criteria for eligibility.

  1. Germany Scholarships for International Students:

If you’re interested in studying in Germany, you’re qualified for various scholarships that will give you up to $12,000 per year for tuition costs. There are numerous scholarships available for international and domestic students. These are awarded after successfully filling out an application and completing an essay on why you want to pursue your studies in Germany. Additionally, the applicants must demonstrate an incredibly high degree of motivation and academic excellence to qualify for these scholarships.

  1. Master Mind Scholarships to International Students in Belgium:

The scholarship program was established in the Wallonia region in Belgium. It provided Master Mind scholarships for international students from across the globe who want to attend one of Belgium’s most prestigious universities. Each scholarship comes with an annual minimum of EUR6,000 annually, which covers tuition costs, books, housing, and health insurance, among others. Applications are accepted continually. Applicants must meet the conditions to be eligible.

  1. VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships:

This award is intended for exceptional college students in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. They are interested in studying abroad in any area of study at any of Europe’s top universities. They provide undergraduate awards that offer grants of EUR7,000 to EUR15,000 per calendar year and up to four consecutive years of studies at any college they prefer. Candidates must have a first degree from a Latin American or Caribbean university and must have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies before being able to apply.

  1. Commonwealth Scholarships at SOAS:

The scholarships at SOAS are given to students who have British nationality. They wish to pursue studies in any area of study at any university within the U.K. These scholarships were designed to inspire talented students from all over the world to take up higher studies in the U.K.

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Which Country Can I Study in Europe for Free?

Many people would leap at the chance to learn at one of the top schools in Europe. Well! This article will highlight some of the most desirable European countries where you can take classes at no cost or extremely inexpensively.

Most of these schools also offer programs that permit students to earn the requirements of a degree or minor in a different nation and return to their own country.

Which Country Can I Study in Europe for Free?

Contrary to other parts of the world, tuition charges are lower in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, etc. Then in countries like the U.S., Australia, and Canada. The most prestigious international universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, etc., can be found in Europe. Because higher education is so widespread across Europe, there are many possibilities to study abroad for no cost.

In which country are you able to take classes for free in Europe?

1. Learn in Germany without cost: Germany has many student study options. There are a lot of universities that permit students to take classes for free, especially those in the state schools of Germany. The tuition fee is free for international and domestic students regardless of nationality. Students must only pay minimal university administration fees of 150-250 euros (~US$170-280).

A recent amendment to German law allows graduates from any German state institution to be eligible as students without showing competence in the German language or proving residency in Germany. The exemption is also available for all Master’s degrees in German universities.

2. Learn in France at no cost: France is one of the top countries for studying abroad because it has a very affordable cost of living, and its academic quality is similar to that of other European countries. The majority of French schools do not charge tuition fees for students who are from the U.S. However, many require fees for international students. It isn’t always easy to find work while you study in France; however, if you can find an opportunity that is compatible with your academic level, you can stay the following graduation by obtaining a long-term visa.

3. You can study at no cost in Nordic countries. Studying at a university in Finland or Norway can allow you to work while you study without needing to prove that you are employed after your studies. However, there are certain conditions, like the minimum time you are studying at the university and the maximum work hours per week.

This is not to say that Nordic countries aren’t the ideal choice for students from abroad looking to make money while they study. Still, they’re great alternatives for students from all over the globe pursuing postgraduate studies in engineering or dentistry. Fully-Funded Scholarships in Europe (No IELTS).

4. Belgium: Belgian Universities charge minimal tuition costs and don’t require the English proficiency of their pupils. Certain institutions provide bursaries to students with low incomes, but if you are planning to reside in Belgium, it is advised to prepare your plans before studying in Belgium.

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5. Czech Republic: You will have to pay tuition when you pursue a degree within the Czech Republic, but there are other methods to cut down on the expense of studying in the Czech Republic. In certain instances, if you opt to pursue it in a part-time manner, the cost of tuition might be subsidized. Students who have completed their studies can often return to their home country of the Czech Republic on a limited visa that allows them to work and continue their studies.

It is available to full-time degrees, however. A majority of institutions do not permit students with part-time status to stay on after they graduate, so ensure you investigate which options are available before submitting your application.

6. Austria Students in Austria are not charged tuition at public universities. However, they must apply for state financial assistance when they want to study privately. There are loans and scholarships available, but private institutions are typically more expensive than public institutions.

Austrians who study in Europe can apply for grants from the European Social Fund (ESF), which will cover living expenses during their time in Europe. If you’re considering studying in Austria and are looking for information, read this guide to find out what you can expect when applying for grants in Austria.

7. Greece, The only cost you’ll have to pay when you study at a university in Greece is a one-time cost for registration that could be as low as EUR2 or EUR4 for the academic year. Universities are not required to charge tuition fees for students from abroad with a visa or a residency permit that lasts for at least six months. However, many charges an administrative fee ranging from EUR20 to EUR100 per academic year. But, the costs differ from one university to the next, and many students discover that their expenses rise significantly when they start their studies.

Fully Funded Master Scholarship

University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowships

University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowships is given to highly motivated people from countries in need to allow them to be part of the Master’s program at the Geneva’s University of Geneva and to work on Research in human rights or academic projects.

The awards pay for tuition and health insurance as well as subsistence allowance. Fellows must commit to a 3-year stay at the Geneva’s University of Geneva. The fields of study that are eligible for fellowships vary. However, applicants must demonstrate leadership capabilities, strong communication skills, commitment to outcomes, and knowledge in their field.

We expect our students to be engaged and active throughout their time in Geneva. Applications must be received before May 15. The decision on fellowships will be announced before July 31. The successful applicants will be informed on or before August 31.

About the University of Geneva:

The University of Geneva (UNIGE) is among the most prestigious universities in Research and education. It has been ranked in the top 1 percent of universities worldwide in the Q.S. World University Rankings for five consecutive years (2008between 2008 and 2013).

The law school of UNIGE was ranked second in the United States by the U.S. News & World Report for 2011-2012 and 2013-2014. In 2012, UNIGE became the first university in Switzerland to receive a double rating from the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) for its quality and internationalization.

Its Swiss TPH department ranked as the top department in the world in the Nature Index 2014, with more than 900 papers published in the top journals in 2013. The year 2013 saw UNIGE receive the Laureus World Sports Award for being the school that had the highest overall growth of coaches, athletes, and teams in the field after two years of unprecedented successes in numerous championships and Olympic Games.

Other Financial Aid Opportunities at the University of Geneva: In addition to this fellowship, fellows can also apply for additional funds through UNIGE in various ways, such as Teaching assistantships and tuition assistance, Financial aid programs, and summer grants. This Universite de Geneve is committed to achieving the highest quality expectations in Research, teaching, and outreach.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowships:

Candidates must have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree within the last five years, and they must have earned the degree with high marks or a high GPA. If they completed their Master’s or Bachelor’s qualification outside Switzerland, the applicants must have earned top marks from a school recognized as a member of the Geneva’s University of Geneva.

Each application is evaluated regardless of prior work experiences. Applications will be evaluated according to academic achievements and merit, the potential for exceptional contribution to the field, English language ability, personal qualities, references, and funding circumstances.

International students are encouraged to apply for the program. It is important to note that successful applicants are not guaranteed all the financial aid they request. Before applying for this award, international students must provide proof of acceptance to a full-time academic program at the Geneva University of Geneva. For further information, please visit MSc Scholarships Information about all MSc Scholarships offered by the University of Geneva.

How to Apply for the University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowships:

To be eligible for an Excellence Masters Fellowship, you must apply to the Graduate School at the University of Geneva through this button.

Postgraduate students can also submit an overall research proposal direct to the Coordinator for Research (who will offer advice and support for administrative tasks). In both instances, applicants must include the potential future research projects in their proposal, which the Coordinator will examine for Research and send to the Program Committee’s Chair for consideration. Fully-Funded Scholarships in Europe (No IELTS).

The Chairman of the Program Committee will invite potential applicants to present their ideas at an open-door meeting where the Program Committee can interview students. After the semester, the committee makes the final decision, and the funding recipients will be notified via email.

Successful applicants will be notified in September and usually receive their funds in October. Be aware that this scholarship is available to all international students who have applied for Master’s degrees at the Geneva University of Geneva.

If you haven’t received an invitation to enroll in a full-time degree, Please do not apply for this fellowship since it is likely that you will receive the funds if you haven’t already been admitted to a full-time academic program. Deadline for applications Application deadline: Applications must be received before October 31 to be considered for consideration for the following year.

Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in USA for International Students

Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) for Developing Countries

Highly skilled researchers who are top-quality researchers from Third Countries are invited to collaborate on research projects in Europe. This encourages research collaboration between Europe and other regions for everyone’s benefit. The Marie Curie Incoming Fellowships have been specifically designed to facilitate these actions.

Host Institution(s):

Universities, research centers, or businesses in the E.U.

Study field:

Every area of Research in science and technology relevant to the E.U. is suitable to receive IIF funding. There is. However, one exception is that research areas not covered under the EURATOM Treaty cannot be funded.

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Number of Awards:

Not stated

Target group:

Researchers from countries in need

Scholarship value/inclusions

IIF funds are available for a research project that will transfer knowledge to the host organization and build or expand relationships with Europe and other countries. Research projects also enable you to grow your career. You offer financial assistance for 12 to 24 weeks (full-time equivalent).

With funding, you can:

* Join a European study team that isn’t equipped with your expertise

* begin the collaboration via a research collaboration in your lab or with your country.

* Gain new insights by participating in a European laboratory.

Your IIF could also include an extension of your return time that can last up to one year. It will be spent in your home country using the knowledge you gained from. To be eligible for a return period, you must be a citizen of any of the International Cooperation Partner Countries. If you wish to return, you must include the details within your first application. Also, you should identify the possible host organization in the country of your origin.

Eligibility for the Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships:

* Researchers from Third Countries are eligible for an IIF. This means that they are not the E.U. Member States or Associated Countries.

* You must possess an advanced doctoral degree or at least four years of equivalent research experience that is full-time following obtaining an academic degree that permits you to begin pursuing the path to a doctorate. This is not the only requirement. The more knowledge you have, your chance of being accepted into this particular action increases.

* The request for an IIF is to be done with the organization or institution prepared to accommodate you within Europe. Host institutions could be research centers, universities, or businesses.

Note: You can find the whole eligibility criteria in the work program, which is available for download from the page for calls.

Instructions for application:

To write and submit a proposal to an IIF Marie Curie, You will require the complete Information Package that is available on the page for calls (see the link below). Proposals can be submitted electronically through the Commission’s Electronic Proposal Submission Service (EPSS), which can be available on the Call page.

It is crucial to go through the questions and answers and go to the official website and the application page (links below) for complete information on how to apply for the scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website:

Fully-Funded Scholarship At the University of Gibraltar (Europe)

The University of Gibraltar is one of the most awaited universities in Europe. The school offers various financial assistance for students from abroad and European students interested in studying or seeking degrees from the school.

The funding comprises students’ grants, loans, and scholarships offered at the school. If you’re looking to attend a college that offers high-quality education and available scholarship opportunities, you should consider the University of Gibraltar should be your top choice. Fully-Funded Scholarships in Europe (No IELTS)

About the University of Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar is one of the oldest private institutions in Europe and among the most prestigious private schools around the globe. The university has more than 1500 students on its two campuses, in Gibraltar and Manchester.

The university has grown into an acknowledged name in the field of education and career options open to students from all over the world. The school also holds an enviable position for its top English teaching qualifications and an impressive percentage of female students, among other excellent aspects.

Why should you choose to go to this university? The University of Gibraltar?

There are many reasons you should consider attending the University of Gibraltar as your choice for your educational institution. A few of the main reasons are as follows:

  1. A Variety of Programme:

The University of Gibraltar has an impressive track record in offering top-quality programs to its students. It offers more than 200 courses in different disciplines. This program selection includes bachelor’s, Master’s, PhDs, MBA, DHL, etc.

The entire program is conducted in English, making it simpler for you to integrate into your classes and actively participate in your study. The programs that the university offers offer an emphasis on practical aspects that allow students to develop skills in the workplace, which they can use to boost their careers after finishing their studies.

  • Funding Opportunities:

Suppose you’re thinking of studying within the U.K. and would like to enroll in a postgraduate program at the University of Gibraltar. In that case, you could do it by applying for the Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme. The scheme permits eligible students to receive tuition reimbursement from the Government to fund their studies.

  • Faculty/ Departmental Training:

At the University of Gibraltar, all faculty members receive further instruction through a professional development officer who hosts an annual CPD workshop and conference for employees. Faculty members also receive individual coaching sessions and helpful tips on improving their classroom performance.

Scholarship Awards at the University of Gibraltar

These scholarships will aid you in obtaining financial assistance from the Federal Government to help pay for tuition fees, living expenses, and lodging costs. The awards offered include Researcher Development Fund Scholarships, Master’s Fellowships for E.U. citizens, Prestigious Awards, Entrance Scholarships, Entrance Scholarships and Grants to Irish Students, and Study Abroad Scholarships. These scholarships include:

1. Europa Scholarship Program:

Suppose you’re an international student who wants to pursue your studies in the U.K. and wish to take advantage of this scholarship. In that case, You can apply to be eligible by submitting an online application on their official website—the University of Gibraltar.

2. Merit-Based Scholarships:

Some merit-based scholarship programs will allow you to gain admission to a U.K. University if you meet the criteria for the particular award. This scholarship aims to help students with high-quality qualifications with high potential.

3. Europa Bursaries Scholarship Program:

The Europa Bursaries Scholarship Program is created to help students from abroad who want to pursue their studies in the U.K. and take advantage of this opportunity. Students eligible for this award will be awarded bursaries for tuition fees and funding options for expenses for living.

4. Parasol Scholarship Program:

Suppose you’re an international student who wants to pursue a degree in the U.K. and would like to take advantage of the scholarship program. In that case, you can apply for it by filling out an online application form on their official website—the University of Gibraltar.

5. H.M. Government of Gibraltar Scholarships:

The scholarship is open to students of the U.K. or other European countries who have lived at least five consecutive years in Gibraltar. Fully-Funded Scholarships in Europe (No IELTS)

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