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Fully Funded Master Scholarship

Fully Funded Master Scholarship. These fellowships offer full financial support to students pursuing master’s degrees at a variety of universities located all around the world. Many of them need academic study in addition to practical experience, and all of them provide you the opportunity to advance in your area in a variety of different ways! They encompass all academic fields, including the sciences, the humanities, and international security, among others.

Fully Funded Master Scholarship

The fellowships available to students attending colleges in the United States come first on the list, followed by those providing opportunities outside of the country.

The Program for Bloomberg Fellows

Individuals are being encouraged to apply to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in order to earn a fully-funded Master of Public Health (MPH) or Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree in one of the following areas of study: addiction and overdose, environmental challenges, obesity and the food system, risks to adolescent health, and violence.

The applicants for the Bloomberg Fellowship must submit their applications through the organizations for which they already work, and they may attend school either full- or part-time. After the end of the academic program, fellows are required to work full-time for their sponsoring organization for a period of twelve months. It is important to check the website for the application dates because the application process for the MPH program and the DrPH program is different.

Scholarship Opportunities Available Through CyberCorps

The Scholarship For Service (SFS) program is a one-of-a-kind initiative with the goal of expanding and bolstering the group of federal information assurance professionals who are responsible for protecting the essential information infrastructure of the government. This program offers scholarships that have the potential to fully fund the typical costs incurred by full-time students while they are enrolled at an institution that is participating in the program. These costs may include tuition as well as education and related fees. In addition, Fellows are eligible for stipends of up to $20,000 for undergraduate students, $32,000 for master’s and doctoral students, and $48,000 for postdoctoral researchers. The National Science Foundation is responsible for providing the funding for the scholarships in the form of grants (NSF).

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Graduate Fellowship provided by the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratory Residency Program

The DOE NNSA LRGF is available to citizens of the United States who are pursuing a PhD degree full-time at a university in the United States that has been recognized for its academic excellence. A university program of study that consists of courses in the physical, engineering, mathematical, and/or computer sciences is required in order to be considered for the fellowship. Additionally, fellows are required to finish a minimum of two 12-week laboratory residencies at one of the four NNSA sites that are approved. The benefits include a yearly stipend of $36,000; payment of full tuition and required fees during the appointment period at any accredited U.S. university; an annual academic allowance of $2,000 for research or professional development expenses; and more. The appointment period can be spent at any university in the United States. Fully Funded Master Scholarship.

Graduate Fellowship in Stewardship Science from the United States Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration

Anyone who is a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident immigrant and has plans to pursue a PhD degree at an institution in the United States while studying full-time and without interruption is eligible for the DOE NNSA SSGF. Students in their final year of undergraduate school, as well as students in their first and second years of graduate school, who are concentrating their research on high energy density physics, nuclear science, or the properties of materials under extreme conditions and hydrodynamics are eligible to submit an application. The recipients of this award will receive a yearly stipend of $36,000, payment of full tuition and mandatory fees during the appointment time at any eligible university in the United States, a term of up to four years, subject to annual renewal, and a variety of other advantages.

Program leading to a Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree that is wholly funded by Duke University

Scholarships awarded on the basis of excellence are made available by the Master of Public Policy program at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University to all accepted MPP applicants who are not receiving full financing from outside sources. Tuition scholarships, teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and staff assistantships are some examples of the merit-based prizes that Sanford bestows upon its domestic and international students. Citizens of the United States are also given the opportunity to receive assistantships for both years of their education, provided that they make adequate academic progress during the first year. Students from other countries are encouraged to submit their applications for vacant slots.

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A Fellowship from the Emirates Leadership Initiative

The Emirates Leadership Initiative (ELI) Fellowship is available to any student admitted to a degree program at Harvard Kennedy School who is a native of the United Arab Emirates or any other Arab League nation. The applicants’ level of shown interest in enhancing their leadership and public management skills in the United Arab Emirates and in other Arab League nations will be one of the criteria used to evaluate their applications. Candidates who are successful in this competition display tremendous potential for leadership in the Middle East region, in addition to their outstanding academic qualifications and deep dedication to public service. A stipend, full tuition, and all associated health care costs are covered for the duration of the program. Fully Funded Master Scholarship

Fellowships established in memory of Frank Knox

Students from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom are eligible to apply each year for the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships, which provide funding for postgraduate study at Harvard University. A Knox Fellowship provides a stipend that is adequate to cover the living expenses of one Fellow at Harvard for the whole ten-month academic year, in addition to paying the full cost of Harvard tuition and any required fees for health insurance. In addition to submitting an application for the Knox Fellowship, each applicant must also submit an application for admission to a Harvard graduate or professional school of their choosing. Check the website for your particular nation’s deadline information.

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The GEM Fellowship is a program that awards master’s degrees in engineering and science.

GEM fellowships have two primary objectives: first, to increase the number of underrepresented minority students (African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans) pursuing graduate degrees in engineering and natural sciences; second, to promote the value of obtaining a graduate degree within industry; and third, to promote diversity in these fields. Fellows in the Master of Science in Engineering and Science program at GEM receive a living stipend of $4,000 per full-time semester for a maximum of four full-time semesters ($8,000 per academic year – three quarters), up to two paid summer internships with a GEM Employer Member, and full tuition and fees covered by a GEM University Member. The applicant must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident of the United States.

Master’s Degree Scholarships in Global Human Development from Georgetown University

The Global Human Development Program at Georgetown University in Washington, District of Columbia, is a master’s degree program that lasts for two years and is designed to prepare development professionals for work with public sector agencies, private businesses, and not-for-profit organizations that are involved in international development. GHD gives out a number of merit-based scholarships on an annual basis to students of all different nationalities, including those who are continuing their education.

Scholarships typically take the form of either a complete or partial waiver of tuition costs. In addition to having a completed undergraduate degree, applicants are required to be fluent in one other language in addition to English and to have a minimum of one to two years of experience working in international development or an area that is connected to it. Fully Funded Master Scholarship.

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