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‘Death In Paradise’ Has Been Confirmed For 11th And 12th Series



The BBC crime drama will kick off its 10th season tonight (07.01.20), and a further two instalments of the show have been ordered.

Executive Producer Tim Key said in a statement: “We are hugely proud of series 10 and delighted we’ll be heading back to Saint Marie to continue the story.

“Our amazing cast and crew have delivered against the odds this year and we can’t wait to get going again – we’ve got huge plans for the future, with lots of surprises to come.”

BBC Commissioning Editor Tommy Bulfin added: “We’re really proud of ‘Death in Paradise’ and know how popular it is with viewers, offering some much-needed escapism as well as compelling whodunnits and deeply satisfying plot twists.

“We hope audiences enjoy the 10th anniversary series starting tonight, and they have lots to look forward to with series 11 and 12.”

Ralf Little will reprise his role as DI Neville Parker on the show tonight, and 40-year-old actor “can’t believe” the cast and crew managed to shoot the Guadeloupe-based drama in time, seeing as they started two months late due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “I still sort of can’t believe it. We had a lot of Covid protocols we had to follow.

“Just getting the cast and crew out there and then the guest cast had to keep coming out for every new episode.

“We were very diligent about using masks and washing our hands. We had a Covid supervisor specifically there the whole time to oversee everything.

“It was a bit strange on set at first, the first couple of weeks were a bit odd, but it became the new normal.

“I can’t believe we got it done in time, especially as we started two months later than we would normally.”

Ralf is hoping the show is “what people need” to give them a boost at the moment.

Speaking on ‘Lorraine’, he added: “It’s more needed than ever before I suppose right now, in the cold and depressing time of year coupled with lockdown.

“So hopefully it’s what people need and what people want.”

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