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Construction Workers Job Opportunities – How to Apply

Construction workers Job opportunities – Construction workers are employed on construction sites and receive pay either monthly or daily based on the kind of contract that the worker signed with his employer.

A construction worker may be an official, such as the construction manager, or simply a worker who needs to work in order to get paid for the entire day.

Construction workers Job opportunities

The article we will examine the responsibilities that construction employees perform, as well as the different available jobs in construction in Lagos and the requirements for them.

Before we get into the job opportunities available take a look at some aspects of the responsibilities of the construction worker.

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Duties of a Construction Worker

  • In preparation of the construction site to be used and all equipment must be in place.
  • Assistance with heavy machinery and operations of transfer equipment.
  • Control of traffic and signs installation
  • Health and safety regulations must be observed.
  • Tunnels, excavation holes, and shafts
  • Mixing concrete, pouring it, and nivelling

Each construction worker must be fit, healthy and fit for work as it’s an arduous job that will require carrying massive equipment.

You must be prepared to take on training when it’s possible to avoid making mistakes during your work.

Must be hard-working and willing to put in hours at an assignment and need only a few minutes of time to rest.

Available Construction Work

Here is the details of the most important construction-related jobs available to those who are able to complete the task.


1. Project Manager at Treasurehall Consulting

Treasurehall Consulting is currently looking for an experienced project manager who will manage all projects within the company.

To be a qualified you need to comply with the requirements listed below.

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The type of person who is needed is one who is adept in leading a team start a new project , or finish a project

  • They should have above-average their knowledge about computers.
  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree with any of the following certifications Bsc, B.eng
  • You must have at least five years of experience in the field.
  • It should be someone who is smart and willing to take the project ahead.

The person who takes on this post will be required to take on the following responsibilities.

  • Handle all construction projects for the company
  • Check that the standards that the business operates is maintained
  • You can be a source of motivation for site workers and engineers.

Construction workers Job opportunities

Job Description

  • Job Type: Full-Time Job
  • Salary: N100k – N150k monthly
  • Experience: 5 years or more

2. Procurement Manager at Sigma Consulting Group (Estate Construction)

The company is in search of a procurement manager who can assist in the selection of the supplies they will use for their projects.

To be part of the team or take the position, you need to be aware that you are responsible for the following responsibilities:

Coordination of procurement and delivery of the purchased items/materials and other services.

  • In collaboration with the department responsible for user purchases to identify the needs for procurement.
  • Assist with tendering processes like invite to tenders, bid reviews and award.
  • Conduct discussions with vendors/suppliers and ensure suppliers and vendors meet their delivery targets.
  • Maintain and strengthen key vendor/supplier relations with suppliers and vendors.
  • Make sure that any issues with suppliers or staff questions are addressed quickly.
  • Control and coordinate the company’s purchase of consumables and supplies as well as distribution and management.
  • Manage, create, and maintain a database of vendors and suppliers and contract information including a price list, etc.
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In order to be qualified for this job, you must meet with the following criteria.

  • Show leadership qualities that are strong
  • You should be able to trust your persona
  • Must be a graduate of any recognized University in Nigeria
  • You should be ready to relocate to Lagos
  • This is a full-time position.

Job Description

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Salary: 100k-150k
  • Experience 5 years and beyond

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3. Construction Manager at Mace

The term “construction manager” refers to an experienced person who is responsible for overseeing the building construction process for any firm.

The company requires a person who is able to take on the responsibility, and take on additional duties such as;


  • Assisting in the ongoing design of the construction phase plan and the implementation and compliance on the construction site.
  • Monitor the site of construction to assure the proper welfare facilities are provided right from the beginning and are kept in good condition throughout the construction process.
  • All staff members are provided with specific inductions for the site, as well for any additional information and training they need.
  • If possible, assisting and monitoring systems to manage safety and health throughout the construction process, and making sure that there is no illegal access to the building site.

Then, they gave the requirements required by the person who would like to apply for the conditions below.

  • Good communication skills
  • Achieve an education in construction management
  • Have experience in the job you are applying for
  • Learn about computers.

Job Description

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Salary: 100k-120k
  • Experience: One year or over


What’s the average salary of a construction worker

Construction workers earn an hourly rate of N10k or more. The rate of pay will be determined by level of education, experience, and the geographical location. The pay you earn in Nigeria may differ from what you receive to the US.

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What are the qualities an ideal Construction worker possess?

A skilled Construction Worker must be physically strong and possess the endurance and energy to endure for long hours in challenging situations.

Construction workers should be avid listeners who are able to meticulously follow a process to the end and exceptional communicators who enjoy working as the team for large-scale construction projects that require multiple people to supervise and install construction materials in order to succeed.

Construction workers who are successful have strong work ethics and attention to detail and a keen awareness of the environment which could be used to enhance their security.


Construction work could appear like a tough job, however it’s well worth the effort.

It’s either you come in as an site worker or you work in one of the jobs we listed above.

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