Car Accident Lawyer Odessa TX


Car Accident Lawyer Odessa TX.

Herrera Law Firm Herrera Law Firm has a long-standing history of recovering damages for Odessa victims injured in any collision. Car Accident Lawyer Odessa TX.  If you’ve suffered injuries during a car accident close to Interstate 20 or suffered injuries while shopping in an Odessa mall, we’re prepared to talk with you. For cases that range from slips and fall injuries to defective product claims, we can handle a variety of situations. Attorneys who specialize in personal injuries who assist injured individuals in Odessa have the experience and resources to assist you.

Car Accident Lawyer Serving Odessa

Car accidents in Odessa happen every day because of the recklessness of drivers. In the event of rear-end accidents caused by motorists who are distracted by East University Boulevard to drunk driving accidents on East 2nd Street, a car crash could turn your life around within a matter of minutes. There’s a good chance that you’ll be hurt. Your family members may have suffered injuries, perhaps even killed.

The team at Herrera Law Firm, we know the fact that injuries can prove catastrophic. Herrera Law Firm understand the impact of an accident can cause a lot of damage. Accidents can cause huge medical bills, property damages, lost wages as well as permanent disability discomfort and even damage. It is not unusual for insurance companies cut down the amount of the settlement or even refusing to accept claims at all. Car Accident Lawyer Odessa TX.

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The firm we represent has long history of representing people who have been injured in accidents pedestrians, drivers pedestrians , and others who who have been seriously injured in an Odessa car accidents. We are aware of how devastating the result of a car accident can be. If the negligence of another person resulted in injuries to you or your loved ones , or your loved ones and you have to bring a claim to recover wrongful death, you should choose an aggressive lawyer for car accident victims. We invite you to contact us. We’re ready to put our experience and resources to the use of those injured in accident in Odessa.

Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Odessa

located in Odessa, TX, trucking accidents are commonplace and caused by a variety of factors. A distracted or fatigued driver of a truck may strike your vehicle while driving on Interstate 20 and Route 338. A delivery vehicle that has mechanical issues that the trucking company not been able to resolve could crash into your vehicle on East 8 Street, or North Grandview Ave, leading to serious and fatal injuries.


Truck-related accidents in Odessa aren’t always minor. If a large vehicle is in collision smaller cars, the collision is at a slow speed could result in broken bones back and neck injuries, and even TBI. (TBI). Even if you haven’t caused the incident, usually the truck drivers who are negligent claim they are not responsible and reckless trucking companies can be difficult to locate or even are in a different state.

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It is essential to speak with an attorney in the event of a truck accident as soon as you discover that you or a loved one was injured or killed due to a semi-truck crash within Odessa. The Herrera Law Firm, a truck accident lawyer, can give you information on your rights and will advise you on the best course to follow. With a experienced lawyer who has handled truck accidents on your side, you’ll be able to take an enormous step towards obtaining compensation for the loss that you’ve sustained. Our truck accident lawyers can study the consequences of a major rig wreck in Odessa, Texas, and make sure that negligent parties are accountable for their negligent actions.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Serving Odessa

Motorbike accidents can be quite swift within Odessa and the consequences of an accident involving two vehicles could change the course of life for everyone. Because of the vulnerability of motorcyclists accidents that occur at slow speeds could cause grave injuries when they are wearing the correct helmet and safety equipment. We at the Herrera Law Firm, we recognize that motorcyclists often don’t take action to stop their accidents from happening . We fight to protect the rights of motorcyclists injured in accidents.

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What are the reasons behind motorcycle accidents in Odessa What are the causes of motorcycle accidents are diverse and be caused by a variety of factors. The majority of drivers claim that they didn’t observe a motorbike prior being involved in an incident. The driver may be distracted by their mobile phone as they changed the lanes. The driver could be drunk from alcohol or drugs or was recklessly turning around the roadways or speeding. Even if you’re not guilty it is possible to be facing a very difficult fight. The person responsible for the accident might not admit liability for the incident as well as the insurer might claim that you have a lesser amount than what you’re entitled to.

We’re not convinced that’s right. We’re here to assist. Our expert accident lawyers are committed to determining the true reasons behind Odessa motorcycle accidents and holding the responsible parties accountable for their behavior.

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