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Beatsource Is Launching A Series Of Playlists Picked By The Likes Of Joel Corry, Craig David, Charlie Sloth And More



The VIP Crates series will appear on the digital music platform aimed at open-format DJs.

“DJs are often curious as to what other DJs are playing in their sets. Clubs and live shows are far and few between these days, so there’s virtually no way to know what our favourite DJs are currently into or being influenced by without a direct connection,” explained Beatsource’s head of curation, Kidd Spin.

“VIP Crates gives insight into what top tastemaker DJs are feeling right now, and the varying playlists show great diversity from all genres, eras, and styles.”

DJ A-Trak, who is a board member of the platform, claimed the new playlists would be invaluable for him and his peers.

“VIP Crates is a perfect example of Beatsource’s brilliance. DJing is more than just keeping up with the newest releases and knowing the classics. Every DJ has their own personal go-to’s, those tracks that never leave the crates even though they never charted,” he suggested. “Weapons, tools. Being able to tap into that with a subscription is huge.”

VIP Crates is slated to be an ongoing series with Lil Jon, Tay James, DJ Amen, Zhu, Walshy Fire, DJ EFN, Craig David, Charlie Sloth, Joel Corry, Nathan Dawe, James Hype and DJ Javin representing the first wave of curators.

The platform has consistently sought to foster strong relations with artists since its launch in 2019, with its CMO, Edwin Paredes AKA AKA DJ Phenom previously declaring: “Beatsource will bring DJ culture to the forefront of the music industry by giving us a seat at the table.”

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